Materials List for Stone Carving Classes

Materials List for Stone Carving Classes
Instructor: Doug Brietbart
Instructor: Joy Mancini

Tools needed for the first day of class:
a) 1 and 1/2 lb. carving hammer
b) 1/2" point chisel
c) 3/4" wide four or six tooth chisel
d) 1/2" wide flat chisel

Eye protection (required) and dust mask

1 stone of your choice; alabaster, limestone, marble or Wonderstone are recommended. The stone should weigh between 30 and 70 pounds.. (Avoid soapstone, as it contains silica, and may contain asbestos.) Alabaster is the ideal first stone. Wonderstone and Limestone are also good first stones.

Consider the sculpture you wish to make (a snake might require a long stone; a coiled snake may require a square stone, an arm may require a rectangular stone, a frog may require a squarish stone, while a rabbit may require a rectangular stone). An irregular shape is often preferable.

There will be other tools needed such as; rasps, riflers but due to the wide range of possibilities subject to the particular need of the student, those will be ordered on a piece by piece basis.

This course is conducted at our partner "THE COMPLEAT SCULPTOR" SUPPLY CENTER, and you will be able to pruchase supplies in the store on the first day of class. The Compleat Sculptor located at 90 Vandam St. in NYC. The number is: 1800 9 SCULPT. You can also go on-line:


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