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Manhattan's Only Kosher Lunch Program ... and More

The only program of its kind in NYC, Project ORE has served more than 400,000 emergency kosher meals and provided counseling, case management, and other supportive services to isolated, poor, homeless, mentally ill, elderly Jews--including Holocaust survivors-- since 1987.

Many clients have been kosher-observant their entire lives. Without Project ORE, they would have to choose between going hungry and eating food that violates their spiritual beliefs. Project ORE is able to help where other community service providers or government support cannot.

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Our Services

From our home on the mezzanine floor of 331 East 12th Street, the heart of Project ORE is our kosher, family-style community meals: a buffet breakfast, hot lunch and food packages for Shabbat.

We also:

  • Offer classes or groups in art, poetry, mental health issues, and current issues, educational trips, and programs on health and wellness. A Jewish experience is provided through a weekly Oneg Shabbat, Jewish studies and holiday celebrations. Improv classes and Bingo add some joy.
  • provide caring, licensed clinical social workers to help with housing referrals, assistance with entitlements and benefits (public assistance, disability, social security, etc), referrals for psychiatric counseling, medical treatment, and crisis intervention for emergency situations.

Volunteers serve meals and socialize with Project ORE participants -- showing them that someone cares. We believe that people need more than food to lead meaningful lives.

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Client Profiles

• Esther spends most nights on a bench in Madison Park or in Penn Station. She comes to Project ORE for housing referrals, kosher meals and Shabbat celebrations.

• Jacob, age 55 became homeless when he escaped his abusive alcoholic father as a teenager. Project ORE fed him, helped him find an apartment, and got him counseling.

• Rachel was living a middle-class life until she was derailed by bipolar disorder. Project ORE gives her stability, offering a caring community where she feels safe.

As Joseph, one of our clients, says, we provide "a hand to help and a heart to feel." Tracy, another client, says that, "Project ORE believed in me when I didn't believe in myself."

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How You Can Help

Project ORE relies primarily on private donations and volunteers.

In the face of increased need and rising costs, many New York soup kitchens and food pantries are being forced to reduce the number of people they serve. But we have made a promise: we will continue to expand our membership. In fact, Project ORE is conducting outreach in the new neighborhood to expand the program.

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To sponsor a meal or volunteer, email Amy Stollmack or call 646-395-4089.                         [back to top]


Client Walk-In Hours

Client walk-in is Monday through Friday, 10:00am - 2:00pm.

Project ORE is located at:
331 East 12th Street, Mezzanine Floor
New York, NY 10003


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