Material Lists for Painting Classes

The Art School provides all materials including paint, canvas, brushes, turpentine etc for a flat fee of $40.  (The material fee does not apply to the Watercolor or Plein Air Oil Painting class, students provide their own materials)

Materials List for Watercolor Class (student grade/store brands are fine and are most affordable)
Instructor: Casey Inch

a)  Graphite pencil- harder pencils (H) are best as they don't smudge.
b)  Erasers- one kneaded, one hard (pink pearl)
c)  Watercolor paper- 140 lb pad or block in a size you're comfortable carrying with you.  Hot or Cold press is fine.  Hot press is smooth, Cold press has a subtle texture. You can also get rough if you like a lot of texture.  Cold press is most commonly used.
d)  Watercolors- compact travel kits are fine.  If you buy individual tubes, you will need a small palette as well.  Essential colors are primary- red, yellow, blue, black and white.  Beyond this you may choose to buy as many colors as you like. *optional- tube of white guache (opaque water based paint)
e)  Watercolor brushes- 1" Flat brush for staining and a small range of different sizes/shapes. Get a minimum of two (one mid size, one for fine detail). 
f)   small jar for water
g)  rag/paper towel

Material List for Plein Air Oil Painting, (Painting in Central Park)
Instructor - Casey Inch

Painting outside requires a little planning and efficient packing. For the first time out we suggest to keep it simple.  As you become a devotee of painting outdoors you might want to invest in a “French easel’ and other items. This being an outdoor painting class, you will need some sort of easel- anything from an inexpensive folding easel to a French Easel or Pochade box- just ask an employee at the art supply store for plein-air easel options.


3 Pre-stretched primed Canvas or Canvas board - any manageable size 10”x12”, 8”x10”,  10"x14”

-canvas boards are most affordable and easy to carry.


PAINT - Small tubes (37ml)

Required Colors
*Titanium white
*Cadmium Yellow  hue ("hue" are acceptable, and more affordable)
*Cadmium Red hue  ("hue" are acceptable, and more affordable)
*Burnt Umber
*Ultramarine Blue
Optional colors: Alizarin Crimson, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Naples Yellow, Cerulean and/or Prussian Blue

*Utrecht or Pearl Paint brands are good and are most affordable (best to avoid pre-packaged sets).  Gamblin and Windsor & Newton- make a good consistency of oil paints that are also very affordable.   Old Holland- Great consistency of paint and excellent color but they can be very expensive.
 **Student grade paints are fine for beginners and intermediate artists and usually even large tubes are moderately price


1)    Buy a minimum of 3 brushes- #1 round, #6 filbert, #12 flat or filbert (make sure they are meant for oil paints)  Utrecht and Pearl Paint will have their own brand of brushes which are very affordable

2)     Palette Knife - trowel shape preferred, not too small. This is used to mix paint.

 * Brushes of different sizes- Rounds, Filberts, and Flats. (rounds and filberts will likely be used most) buy a few of each ranging from small (#1 - 2) to mid (#4-8) to large (#10-14)   natural bristle brushes are good. you may also choose to buy a few sable brushes (these are softer and produce a different stroke) Utrecht and Pearl will have their own brand of brushes which are most affordable-


1) Turpenoid (blue container) odorless mineral spirits *(do not buy 'Turpenoid Natural')

2) Palette- either a paper palette block (disposable) or permanent palette (wood, plastic, etc.)  

3) small, sealable jar(like a baby food jar) or palette cup (for turpenoid)

4) "Silicoil" brush cleaning tank- inexpensive and great for cleaning brushes.

5) Rags or paper towels (and a plastic bag to transport dirty towels home)



1) small lightweight easel (you may choose to rest your canvas on your lap or against a tree, but there are some very affordable options that will make things easier for you) 

2) Utrecht Art Supplies carries a lightweight, folding tabletop easel that can sit on the ground for $20 carries a folding aluminum easel for $25

3) SUN HAT or hat with visor. And sun-screenOld Masters Brush Cleaner (helps preserve your brushes and is recommended for cleaning)
4) Carry all. Or paint box that has space for palette and canvas boards.  A Pochade is a paint box made for using outdoors, you can carry your pallet and boards in it.  Or Strong canvas bag to carry everything!

5) Hand protection: Latex Gloves or Winsor Newton Barrier Cream for hands


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