Boys & Girls Club at P.S. 64


Fun Learning Opportunities for K - 5th Graders

If you were to ask our P.S. 64 students what their favorite Youth Development class is, they would answer "Math, Science, Cooking, Art, or Photography." This range of topics is geared to supplement their classroom learning and introduce them to creative arts that they wouldn't otherwise have access to -- in a safe, healthy supervised setting.

For example, cooking classes often focus on "Snacktivities" -- making healthy snacks, like "apple smiles," smoothies, banana gelato, that not require a kitchen or heat source. Our staff take turns leading these classes and incorporate math (measuring ingredients), social studies (where foods come from), and literacy (making cookbooks of their recipes).


Combating Asthma and Obesity with a Walk/Run Program

P.S. 64's neighborhood has a high rate of asthma and obesity. To combat this, in the Summer of 2009, we partnered with the New York Roadrunners "Mighty Milers" program. Our goal was for 50 students to run/walk a total of 607 miles over 8 weeks. This would have been the equivalent of 5 groups of kids running/walking one hour every week.

The Result: 60 students ran/walked a total of 1375 miles. And they discovered new neighborhoods of the city while doing it --- every week they went to a new NYC neighborhood and our staff taught them about historic landmarks.

Due to this success, we've extended the program and incorporated it into our year-round curriculum.


Dance and Social Development

Studies show that dance and movement activities help children become more aware of their bodies and learn gross motor skills such as coordination and control. Increased self-awareness and improved physical skills promote confidence and a raised sense of self-esteem, our dance classes at P.S. 64 are doing just that!

Through various classes such as hip-hop, jazz, ballet, modern and break dance our students are engaged in fun activities that encourage hands-on learning and full physical involvement. Our dance sessions require mental concentration and active participation from all, and lead to a culminating performance where their hard work is displayed for parents, friends, families, and school community members.


Parent Involvement

There is no debate about the fact that family involvement in school and after-school boosts student achievement. Our families and parents can support their children's schooling by volunteering and attending after-school functions such as: Math & Literacy Night, Parent Career Day, Mommy and Me Yoga workshops, and themed Pot Luck Dinners. We encourage all families and parents to be engaged in our program; we will host these various events throughout the year.


Power Hour Success Stories

P.S. 64 has also helped students excel through Boys & Girls Clubs' Power Hour program. When Benito first arrived at P.S. 64, he kept to himself and had very few friends. While he exhibited talent at reading and math, he lacked social skills and connections with other children. Through the Power Hour program, Benito gained an outlet for success. He used his strong reading skills to help other students complete their homework.

Eventually Benito began to read to his peers and even to some older students. Power Hour helped Benito gain social confidence by offering a setting in which he could demonstrate his skills and flourish around other students.


Our Wait List Is Growing - You Can Help

If our After School programs didn't exist, many local youth would have no options when school lets out. But for every kid we help, there's another on a waiting list that we can't accommodate. Learn how you can help us serve more local children and teens. [back to top]



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