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Recent Press Coverage for Older Adults (to view, click on the links below)

* WABC-TV Eyewitness News feature on our Whittaker Center tap dance classes.
* The New York Times profile on Bernard Dove, one of our great Fitness & Dance Instructors

A Wide Range of Programs

Our Older Adults programs provide services and are a place of support and community -- so members can socialize and enjoy their lives, while maintaining their independence.

Like all Educational Alliance programs, we offer many intergenerational events and activities -- so people from all stages of life can learn from each other.

To learn more, click on a program below or at the left in the blue column:

* Weinberg Center for Balanced Living (formerly known as the Whittaker Center)
* Sirovich Senior Center
* Co-Op Village NORC
* Safety Net Project
* Center for Balanced Living
* Affordable Housing for Seniors
* Project ORE

Plus these programs for all ages: The Art School and Addiction Prevention.

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Recognized Excellence

Older adults have diverse needs for health and wellness. One size does not fit all. These needs and preferences are not being met in many health clubs or community facilities.

Our classes are offered at different levels so participants can start their program safely and comfortably in order to progress to more active and challenging classes, if desired.

To see some of the great press our Older Adults program has garnered, visit the Press Room.

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Fast Facts

* In 1996, The Educational Alliance worked with government leaders to establish one of the state's first Naturally Occuring Retirement Communities (NORCs) at Co-Op Village. Like many apartment complexes, a significant percentage of their residents were aging into their senior years and we felt they deserved services that would allow them to enjoy their retirement in the place that they'd long called home.

* Other organizations have visited and studied our program as a model for health & wellness programming for Older Adults.

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Expanding Our Programs - How You Can Help

If our programs didn't exist, many older adults in our community would be isolated and/or physically inactive -- likely incurring higher bills because of this. Learn how you can help us expand our Older Adults program.                  [back to top]

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