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Since our inception in 2005, The Educational Alliance Teen Center (known affectionately as “Edgies Teen Center” or “Edgies” for short) has quickly become a hugely successful center for teens who live or go to school on or near The Lower East Side.
A ‘Home Away From Home’ for Teens

We offer a variety of activities in a healthy, safe, and fun environment -- all free of charge to members. Activities include cooking and nutrition classes, sports, College Prep, SPARC, and discussion groups.

Our dedicated staff motivates members to develop new skills and interests, improve their grades and academic achievement, and "reach higher" in planning their futures. As a result, many of our teens are achieving today more than they ever thought possible.

As Christina, one of our teens says, "If it weren't for Edgies, I wouldn't have anywhere to go. Instead of hanging out on the street, I'm learning new skills, getting tutoring with schoolwork and I'm working hard to be the first person in my family to go to college!"

Special Programs and Clubs

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Recognition & Awards for Excellence

Edgies Teens have won accolades from national organizations such as: The Charles Schwab Foundation,, Voya Financial, and The Boys & Girls Club of America, Questbridge, and the Posse Foundation, which have awarded 4-year, full tuition college scholarships to several of our teens.

In 2014, Edgies Teen Shianeice was named "Youth of the Year" for the Teen Center, and was a Finalist for New York State, by Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

To learn more about Edgies teens who have been featured in national ad campaigns or interviewed by major media outlets, visit the Press Room.

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Our Wait List Is Growing - How You Can Help

If Edgies Teen Center didn't exist, many of our teens would have no options when school lets out. But for every teen we help, there's another on a waiting list that we can't accommodate. Learn how you can help us serve more teens.

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Above: Members of our High School Graduating Class of 2014, including scholarship & award recipients.

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