Materials List for Drawing Classes

All materials can be purchased at any art supply store.

Materials List for Beginning Drawing (Mondays)
Instructor: Jude Killory

a) Wide range of pencils from HB (mid-tone) to 6B (Dark) and from 2H (light) to 4H (very light)
b) Sketchbook (any size you feel comfortable with) for drawing at home, on the subway, before you go to bed, at the coffee shop
c) Drawing pad-around 9”x12”-can be bigger or smaller. Paper weight should be between 50-100 lbs. (paper size & weight will be printed on the bottom of the cover of your drawing pad)
d) Set of colored pencils. 6-12 pencils will work
e) Eraser I like the Staedtler white Mars plastic cube
f) Pencil sharpener

Material List for DRAWING at the MET
Instructor: Josh Bayer

For first Class, please bring an 11x14 sketchbook or smaller, and a variety of pencils wit different lead grades, such as F, HB, and a "2B" or"4B", as well as a portable pencil sharpener. A complete material list will be given out during first class. Canvas or plastic bag to carry material.

Materials List for Beginning Drawing
Instructor: Josh Bayer

1) Pencils: Four pencils 2 soft, 2 hard, 2h and 4h, 2b and 4hb, one china marker (also called grease pencil)

2) Eraser – gummy eraser or kneaded eraser
3) Two Drawing pad – 11 x 14” or 14 x 17”, both white paper (not newsprint). a) one cheap store brand. b) one better brand like , Stonehenge or Swarthmore for using washes of watercolor as well as drawing.
4) Large or extra large binder clips (from stationary store like staples)

Material List for Figure Drawing (Tuesdays)
Instructor: Josh Bayer 

a) One  2h or 3h an HB pencils (Additional 2b or 3b optional)
b) "Kneaded"eraser
c) inexpensive drawing pad (white paper, not newsprint). Pad size cab be as small as 7"x9" and not bigger than  18" x 24" 
Optional: few sticks of vine charcoal, compressed charcoal

Materials List for Cartooning & Graphic Novel Drawing
Instructor: Josh Bayer

a) Pencils ( a variety of pencil 2H, HB 2B pencils are okay too.)
) STONEHENGE style sketch pad. At least 12 by 9 inches, (Larger is encouraged, 24 x 18, 12 x 16 etc.) These pads will be very useful on the first day and should be held onto for comics experimentation throughout the semester. Additional supply list will be handed out the first day of class. 
c) Kneaded eraser


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