Art Supply Stores

Manhattan has many excellent art supply stores. We've listed several discount art stores on this page. These are for your reference and not official recommendations.

Pearl Paint
308 Canal Street              
Well known discount Art Supply store, at least 4 floors of art supplies. 
Convenient to 6, R, N, J, A, C, and E trains

The Compleat Sculptor
90 Vandam street.

The most comprehensive sculpture supply center in the USA.
Note: The Educational Alliance offers drawing and sculpture classes in the studios at the Compleat Sculptor.  Students can purchase drawing supplies and sculpture supplies on site.

Utrecht Art Supplies
21 East 13th Street
148 Lafayette St. (Soho)
Good for paper, canvas, acrylic paint, etc.

5 Bond St.
Can have good sales, full range of art supplies

Davinci Artist Supply
137 East 23rd Street                                                                                                                      

NY Central ART Supply
62 Third Ave. (East 12th street)
Great for paper, watercolors, pastels, oil pastels, drawing supplies, paint brushes.



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