Policies and Procedures

Please note: Our policies have been revised. Please read carefully.

Not responsible for typographical errors on ads promoting art classes found on craigslist, backpage, etc. that link to the Art School webpage for information and registration purposes.  

$20 Discount for recommending someone

If a friend register and mentions your name you will get $20. The person must mention your name, or you must alert us to the fact that this person will be registering. This is not retroactive. The person must be someone new to the Art School. Someone who has not taken an art class at the Educational Alliance Art School in the past or is not currently enrolled. 

$20 Discount for taking a second course
Discount for second class: $20 off the second course if you drop out of the second course for any reason, this discount is not applicable. Please note: taking two classes, managing your job and home life can make it difficult to attend each class.  As outlined in our policies there is no 'make up,' refund or discount for missing a class. Please be sure you can manage two classes per week.

Withdrawals and Refunds

There is a minimum $20 fee for all withdrawals and refunds.  Withdrawals and refunds are available only according to the schedule below. No refund or credit can be granted without completing a withdrawal form. Requests by telephone cannot be considered. Refunds of credit card payments will be made directly to your credit card. Refunds of all other payments will be made by check and mailed to the name and address on the check. Processing of refunds requires six weeks.

Refund Deadlines
2 business days before the 1st Class - 100% refund of tuition (less $20)
2 business days before the 2nd Class - 75% refund of tuition
2 business days before the 3rd Class - 50% refund of tuition
No refunds will be issued after the 50% refund deadline.

Please allow six weeks to process refunds. In case of a Medically Certified illness, a refund will be issued after receipt of physician's documentation. The value of the refund will be for the balance of the remaining class sessions. (The material fee and registration fee will not be refunded.)

We do not mail confirmations of registration. Unless you are contacted, the course you registered for is running as scheduled. Payment and Registration are only processed if there is room in the course. If you mail or fax a registration form, please call to verify it has been received. To verify payment process, contact your credit card or banking institution.

Class Cancellations
Classes with inadequate enrollment will be cancelled.  Registered students will be notified as soon as possible and given the opportunity to transfer to another class.  In the event that an alternative class cannot be chosen a refund will be issued.  Refunds will include the total cost of tuition, including registration and materials fee.

Change of Instructor
Faculty assigned to particular classes that are listed on the catalog and or website may be subject to change without notice.  All refund deadlines apply.

If you transfer to a course of greater value, you must pay the difference before attending the new course. If transferring to a course of lesser value, a refund will be issued for the difference less a processing fee. No transfers after second meeting date of original course. If you transfer more than once per term, there is a $20 fee.

Missed Classes
If you miss a class you may not ‘make it up' by attending another class offered on a different day or time. This is a school policy; do not ask a teacher to break this policy. Anyone who attends a class that he/she is not registered for will not be permitted to return to the school and will forfeit their registration and all payments.

Make-up Classes
We will make every effort to provide make-up classes for those missed due to emergency weather closings, however we are not responsible for issuing reimbursements or providing make-up classes for those missed due to illness, subsitute teachers, or other events beyond our control.  Alternate make-up classes are not permitted.  We do not prorate for missed classes.

Loss or Theft
Each student is responsible for their own equipment and materials. The Educational Alliance is not responsible for personal tools, supplies or personal possessions.



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