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A History of Excellence

Our record as leaders in early childhood education is well-established. In 1965, The Educational Alliance was chosen to run a national pilot program of Head Start. In 1995, we were one of only 20 providers selected nationally to launch the Early Head Start initative.

A few years later, our 14th Street Y launched one of NYC's first 2x2 "separated" programs, where toddlers and their parents gradually learn to feel comfortable separating so the little ones can happily attend preschool classes on their own.

We are proud that our outstanding reputation in Early Childhood education continues today.                   [back to top]


Choose a Program

All of our programs have a high standard of excellence: to build your child's social skills, contribute to a happy family life, and lay the foundation for his/her successful academic future.

* The Educational Alliance Preschool at 197 E. Broadway (Lower East Side)
* The 14th Street Y Preschool at 344 E. 14th Street (East Village)
* Baby & Toddler Classes at The 14th Street Y
* Head Start, Day Care,  Early Head Start 
* Summer Programs

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A Long Wait List: How You Can Help

Our Early Childhood programs have hundreds of children on their wait list. Learn how you can help a deserving child in our community. 

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